We Run As

A Pack

At Triad, we’re not just building a life-changing culture, we’re also protecting it at all costs. And that starts with creating a community for our Member offices and our team that feels like a second home filled with trust, compassion and inspiration to do business and life.

How We Operate

Our Core Values

Here’s a look at the unique beliefs and values that act as the foundation for Triad’s culture.  
Check Your Ego at the Door
Be growth-minded Be a lifelong student Listen first, seek to understand You are not your ideas Focus on outcomes vs. egos.
Derek Gregoire
Extreme Ownership 
Act like an owner Remember things happen because of you. Not to you Embrace a “Buck Stops Here” mentality.
The Sullivan family, Julie holding an owl
Be a Leader 
Make everyone around you better Be calm and confident Deescalate and empower others to rise above Leadership is earned by your actions, not given as a title.
Jeff Vogel
Protect the Culture  
Run as a pack; there is no pack without trust and loyalty Commit to proactive, open, and transparent communication We operate with a servant’s heart and with the best interest of the company in mind. 
Clayton Alexander holding his child
Think Long-term 
Play long-term games with long-term people We are advisor obsessed Start with the end in mind and follow first principles thinking Know how your short-term actions impact your long-term future.


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