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Are You Tired Of...

Being told you’re special but treated as a number?

Production being the sole measure of your success?
Missing important life moments?

Us Too.

That’s why we aren’t continuing with these industry norms. We’ve started a movement to change them.

About Us

OUR Story

After coaching some of the top financial advisors in the country, Triad Co-Founders Brad Johnson & Shawn Sparks noticed something.

Despite increasing production, the lives of their advisors weren’t getting any better. In fact, every uptick in production meant one less minute spent with friends, family, or doing the things they loved.

That’s when the light went off: What if financial advisors and their teams could level up the success of their business while also increasing freedom in their personal life? What if advisors could truly Do Business and Do Life? What if advisors could grow a business that was bigger than them?

Since day one, the Triad team has leveraged their collective know-how, experience, dedication and commitment to give elite financial advisors the opportunity to scale their business into something that provides more freedom, more happiness and more significance at the office and at home.

Our Mission

We believe in the “and” approach to life and business instead of “either/or”.

We believe that all Triad Partners (our team, our strategic partners, and our members) deserve to experience unlimited growth, freedom, and joy in their business and their life.

Together, we are changing an industry by building an intimate and highly curated community that redefines what a true partnership can mean.

Together, we aspire to create life-changing experiences and champagne moments by challenging our members to think differently.

Our Motto

At Triad, we have a motto that guides every decision we make: Do Business. Do Life.
Jonathan Frances listening to a presenation.
Victor Medina drawing a diagram for a group of advisors
Matt Dixon speaking at an event


Our Members are unique in more ways than one.

Not only are they the top producers in the country, but they’re also a humble, honest group dedicated to helping those around them —from their teams to fellow Members. Together, these unique traits form a rock-solid network of A-list advisors dedicated to helping each other level up in business and in life and scale into significance.


The entire Triad team

Behind the scenes of our industry-changing movement is the Triad team.

This collective of industry experts works tirelessly to deliver the support, resources, products and one-on-one attention our Members not only deserve, but need to better scale their business to a place of success, freedom and significance.

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