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At Triad, culture is everything. And that means ensuring our Membership process reflects the quality of the elite advisors that form our network. Here’s a closer look at membership criteria and benefits of joining this elite community.  

Our Membership 

There’s much more to Triad Membership than simply adding your name to the roster.

As a Member, you’ll be joining a community dedicated to helping us all level up as business owners, friends and as human beings. And we take that seriously. That’s why we work hard to ensure each and every Member is more than a good fit, they’re advocates of our culture and our mission. 
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The Triad Community

Not simply

a collection

of advisors

The Triad community isn’t simply a collection of advisors; it’s a shared dedication between our elite Members and our expert team to deliver the freedom, success and meaning necessary to truly live a life of significance.  

Through one-on-one and small-group interactions to all-hands Triad Experiences, Triad Membership unlocks the community and support necessary to redefine success and scale into significance.  
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The Makings of A Member

There’s no denying it:
Triad Members are special.

Here’s a look at the traits, accomplishments and mindsets that make Triad Members the best of the best:

Growth Mindset

Our Members share the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through effort, learning, and perseverance.

Top 1% of Elite Advisors

They consistently deliver high-quality products and services, meeting and exceeding industry standards and customer expectations.

Embrace DBDL

DBDL turns the myth of work/life balance on its head by intertwining your professional aspirations and personal dreams so that one can enhance the other.

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